Sourcing, Acquisition, Distribution & Logistics

We deliver what you need—on time and on target. A3 Global provides turnkey acquisition and distribution services. We source and deliver parts, components, and integrated systems anywhere across the world.  A3 is a top supplier with decades of experience, knowledge, and OEM relationships. We stock critical supplies in our Philadelphia, PA warehouse and leverage an AI-enabled inventory management system to enable the shortest delivery times.

Design, Consultation & Reverse Engineering

If you can’t find that obsolete part, we’ll make it. A3 Global specializes in the design and reverse engineering of discontinued and hard-to-get products to extend the life of your fleet. With our world-class product data knowledge, we provide on-demand or integrated consultation to help you find what you’re looking for. With over 50 years of OE Tier-one level quality process design and control, A3 provides technical and process support to make what you need. 

Remanufacturing, Overhaul & Modification

A3 Global takes your old, worn, or non-functional products or components and returns them to a “like-new” condition to extend their life. These remaned products are virtually indistinguishable from similar new products and offer the same warranty, quality, and performance level at a fraction of the cost of new.  A3 offers major overhaul and modifications of an item, piece of equipment, or material that is degraded or inoperable or wholly or partially obsolete.

Hybrid Electric Transportation Solutions

We maximize the performance of your batteries. A3 Global makes electrochemical equipment for hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning, fuel cells, batteries, and electrosynthesis, including custom electronics and R&D. We repair, remanufacturer, repurpose and sell hybrid batteries to optimize and extend the life of your batteries, giving them a second life at a fraction of the cost of new. A3 is leading the world to advanced electrochemical technologies, electrochemical technology, and education. To learn more about NuVant Systems click here. To learn more about Hybrid Battery 911 click here.

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