Hybrid Reconditioning Equipment Comparison: EVc-30 versus Competition

August 31, 2022

The NuVant EVc-30 is the only high-throughput, automated, all-in-one, parallel hybrid battery reconditioner in the world. Developed with technology from Northeastern University and made in the United States, we have shipped hundreds of units all around the world to provide fleet owners and automotive shops with a high-quality, lower-cost, and eco-friendly alternative to new hybrid batteries. See how we stack up against the competition.


  • Simple to use - no attendance required during reconditioning.
  • Modules are reconditioned in parallel; each channel is individually controlled.
  • Parallel module reconditioning = higher success rate.
  • Full automated reconditioning with Ah capacity, internal resistance, and nominal voltage output.
  • Connect cables to modules only once, no re-connecting between steps.
  • Early identification/rejection of non-recoverable modules prior to reconditioning.
  • Battery Pack Builder automates module selection and sequencing for battery installation.

ProlongPro Thunderbolt

  • Manual operation - User must input parameters after each charge/discharge step.
  • Modules are processed in series, no individual voltage/current control.
  • Serial module reconditioning = lower success rate.
  • Capacity and internal resistance tests must be completed separately.
  • Single cable used for capacity and internal resistance testing, one module at a time.
  • No pack building software included.

NuVant Competition

Notes: Information taken from publically available sources. Monthly revenue assumes 21 Toyota Prius batteries per month at a selling price of $1,499 USD. 


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